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Services & Pricing

The Balanced K9 offers customizable programs to accommodate each individual dog's needs. By focusing on obedience we can tackle different behavioral issues during our board and trains based on your goals, including; reactivity, anxiety, socialization, potty training, along with any other specified issues.

Contact us to see which program is the best fit for you and your pup!

Most Popular

Two Week Board and Train

Commands Learned:

Sit & Stay, Down & Stay, Place, Off, Loose Leash Walking, Heeling, Recall (coming when called), Leave it, and Drop it. This also includes threshold boundaries for Doorways, Manners in the car, and Nuisance barking. We also offer substitutions for terminology, along with other specified requests for commands.


This is a 12 day obedience program that includes a lesson halfway through the training so that owners are learning alongside their dogs. Once the pups master their basics in the first few days, we make sure to proof their obedience in new distracting environments. These field trips always include; Parks, Hiking Trails, Patio Seating, and Manners in Stores (PetSmart/Hardware stores/etc.). This is followed by a go home lesson where we establish the newly implemented boundaries into the original environment. This program includes 2 private lessons to use once the training is completed. In addition, you will receive a complementary annual follow up for the life of the dog for optimized and long term results.

Board and trains are done at our partnered boarding facility, Bark N Purr Petcare. This is an all inclusive bundle, bedding, bowls, and food are all provided to ensure an easy transition for you and your pup.

*Custom length programs are available please inquire for more information.

$ 2,500

Two Week Board and Train

*Limited Availability*

This is our alternative option to make board and trains accessible to all! If your pup is working on potty training or crate training this program is for you! The pups stay in the trainers home to properly address these concerns. It includes all of the basic commands listed for our in kennel program, and includes the same field trips to make sure your dogs gets the best possible results.


Individualized Day Training

If you are already on your training journey and needing support in specific areas this is your program! 

Layout: 9am-5pm each day. Number of days will be determined with trainer based on the training goals. Meeting at the end of the day to guide owners on the homework to continue structure at home. This is not a good fit for those still struggling to maintain a regulated balance with their dog.


$200 Per Day: Remote collar not included

$1,200 5 Day: Includes remote collar and 1 private lesson

 $2,500 2 Week: Includes remote collar and 2 private lessons

Private Lessons

Are you looking for guidance in a specific area?

  • Leash Walking

  • Counter Surfing

  • Jumping

  • Properly Layering on the Remote Collar

  • Etc...


1 hour Individual Training Session in home with the trainer.

After the first lesson, location is flexible based on the focus of the training.


$100 Per Private Lesson

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